Thursday, January 30, 2014

Holy MIA

Ok, let's not let this happen again. Ok? 

Wagon. Fell. Off. 

Holidays. Temptation. Vacation.

Back home. Back on wagon. 

Alleged intolerance to eggs. That's going to be fun. 

So let's get this going! Back to bikram yoga, back on paleo minus eggs (can you feel the joy?). Getting my health back and in order! Yay! Let's all cheer!! 

Food stuff coming soon. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Crazy lady

That's how I feel right now. Crazy. Lets see, school started for the kids. It's been one week for the older kid, and two days for the youngest. I'm ready for summer vacation already. I'm volunteering at their school, and today I packed a paleo lunch of chicken salad and oranges. I go and get myself in trouble with a staff member, really, I have no clue what happened but chick had it out for me. I got kicked out of the library. But.. I turned to corner to see the principal who's got my back. Holla. You got to know the right people! Volunteer people!! It's worth it!! So I might be sparse, but I'll be around and trying to update when I can. Oh!!!! Oh!!! You need to RUN to the store and buy Against All Grain cookbook. Everything I've made (like 4 things so far) have been SO delish. Kids are loving them too!!!
Ok. I need sleep. Night!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don't mind me, here is some Mayo!

Ignore my posts below about whole30. Going to be frank here, I wasn't "set up" to do it right now, I set myself up to "fail". Fail is a harsh word I think, considering most of the food I eat is Whole30 approved. So why was it so hard to commit to another 30 days of doing it? I guess I was cutting myself some slack. I started paleo and Whole30 in April, it's Aug, so that's what? 4 months? I was about to do my third Whole30, that's a lot. That would have been about a month off. I don't need to prove to myself that I can do it. I can. I was doing it for support, turns out, I can support others while not doing it. Crazy idea. I've helped about five people I know personally do Whole30, it's amazing! I have people asking me for help with Paleo. Also amazing and the reason behind this post. 

My BFF just did a Whole30, and never ate the whole30 approved mayo. Crazy. I ate it all.the.time. Yesterday she texted me and needed talked through how to make it. She succeeded and posted about it on FaceBook. Others asked her for the recipe and she led them to me. So here is what I told her: 

1/4 cup of Light TASTING olive oil
Splash of Apple cider vinegar (little less then a capful)
Pinch of salt
1 egg

Process in food processor or blender

While it is running SLOWLY add another cup of the oil. 

It takes about 10 mins, it will combine, if not, you poured too fast. 

Sometimes I add garlic, dill and parsley for a garlic mayo. You could add chipotle, whatever! 

That's my garlic mayo.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Get this

Get this. Somehow I'm doing another Whole30 come Monday. I'm getting together a list of helpful links to help some family members out with their FIRST whole30 (cheers! Yay!!)!! So, I've gone off the deep end today, I had bread. Bread. Yes. I haven't had bread since april. Glad I got that out of my system. 

Oh! I'm going to the north shore (to pretend I live there) to go shopping for produce and meat. So excited. Any meat I don't find, I have two places I can check out on the way back into town (insert sad face). Ok. I know I'm VERY lucky to live in Hawaii. I know that. But I've fallen in love with the north shore and been finding myself going up there more and more, and missing it each time we leave. I seriously love it up there and want to live there. Hopefully that will happen. Soon. 

Ok. I'll be back with my list of goodies! I'm off to bed! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hey hey hey! Well summer and crocheting are taking over me! But that's a great thing!! Well, kinda. Crocheting is great!! I've had a ton of minion orders that I've been working on, and I've been using any spare time I have to get those done. Guess what? They are done! I've been getting (or pining) some ideas on what to make for a craft fair (coming up in nov) so that will be taking over my next round of free time. 

Food. I had a few slip ups since the fourth. Well, slip ups is not the right term, since I don't know what it is I'm exactly slipping up from. Maybe it's the idea on my head that paleo is all or nothing? I know some people are hardcore and view it that way, is this where the "80/20" comes into play? I love to bake, and I have been putting it off since I don't care for paleo baking. See, I'm good at cooking, grilling, and baking, but have found I'm not good at paleo baking. Something with the texture. Yesterday I made macaroons. They are gluten free, yay! I used coconut sugar instead of regular white sugar, yay! But the powder sugar.. Yeah. I haven't attempted to make a paleo substitute yet. I want to try though! But back to the macaroons. It was my first time. I've always been intimidated by them. I freaking rocked them so hard, my husband, kids, and BFF all swear they were the best. Like better then the ones *I* love from a bakery here. Today, I'm making more. I'm experimenting with flavor. Yesterday we had plain vanilla. Today will be coconut, and possibly another flavor. 

Point here.. I'm still rocking paleo for my meals, but now baking macaroons. 

Don't mind the buttercream (grass-fed!) 
On my thumb. ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yo Ho Yo Ho

A campers life for me! That's how it goes, right??? Yes. Just agree and say yes, it makes it easier on everyone. 

Ok!! So we went camping. I'm going to pull out the magical 80/20 saying here. We managed to eat mainly paleo/whole30 approved items the whole time! Swear. Best intentions. Till IT showed up. I'll get back to IT later.. 

Friday I started prepping. Shopping, then prepping. Four hours later, prepping for 7 people that have a BBQ grill the size of a quarter, prepping. I made the infamous Paleo Pad Thai that is on the cool blog "The Clothes That Make The Girl" (links will be at the bottom since my phone can't seem to handle the hyperlink task, and if anyone can help me out with that? You'd rock). I had just finished off a Costco sized coconut oil, and showed the Pad Thai goodness in there, with my hands. Did I lick my hands of sunshine sauce? Duh. You will too. Then wash your hands. I pre-cut red bell peppers and should have done the same with the onion. Thank goodness I remembered a knife to bring camping, although, I forgot any other kitchen utensils. You'll see, I got creative. I made paleo cookies too. I kind of combined a couple recipes I found, and didn't write anything down, lesson learned. Cracked eggs and put them in a ziplock container, hard boiled eggs (which I totally forgot I brought) roasted beets, and okinawan sweet potatoes, packed bacon, washed lettuce, made guacamole, and made crackers. Whew. I need a nap. 

First off, this was for one night. I can't imagine what happens next time we go for longer. 

We get to the campsite, set up camp, and hang out. Crack open the pad thai: 
Swear, it's in there. 

Oh!! I made dates wrapped in bacon too!! 
Tasty little buggers!! 

Then IT happens. It rains.. And rains.. And rains. Thankfully we had this massive tent over our "living room": 
Then we hear IT as the rain stops.. Is it my imagination?? Is that.... An ICE CREAM TRUCK?!? 
By George, it was! And not only a magical ice cream truck, it has soft serve with SPRINKLES. Crap. So yeah. I had an ice cream. I didn't die. I even tested my limits and had an adult lemonade. Holy crap. I'm still around to talk about it! Granted, I got uber bloated and looked like I was about to birth a food baby. Thankfully that didn't happen either. 

Dinner! I made turkey tacos! 
Onions and bell peppers! 
See?! No utensils equals the handy knife I brought to do every job. 
Yum yum!! These were tasty!! We used the leftover turkey and scrambled it in eggs for breakfast. We had bacon (that was a pain to cook/flip) and fruits also. Oh!! The crackers!! 
These were pretty good for being a cracker type item, tasted more like a pizza dough or something, but still tasty. 

Here are some shots of our campsite: 

We will be going back soon, we had a blast, had many laughs, and enjoyed the company of my BFF and her family. Cheers!! 

Pad Thai


Thursday, June 27, 2013


Ack!!! I'm missing in action! Actually, family is in town and I haven't had a chance to write! I fell off the whole30 wagon a tad, but knew it was going to happen all along with family visiting. I set myself up for it, and know it. But! I'm sticking with paleo from here on out and will do another reset aka Whole30 maybe every six months, or if I feel one is needed sooner, then I'll do it, I feel SO much better eating this way, After my gallbladder gone wrong surgery three years ago, I thought food seriously hated me, yet I love food. I'm glad to know I haven't had any issues since doing this at the end of April. Shocking! Actually, wait, rewind.. The only time I've had issues is if I completely derailed and binged on something like dairy or gluten. Then I had issues. I don't have any food pics for right now, but if you follow me on Instagram at Paleoeats808 I have some there! 

I am really excited about camping this weekend! I'm food prepping tomorrow, and I was just looking at recipes my four year old saw bacon wrapped dates and asked me to make them. Sure!! I love that sweet and salty combo! So making those!! I always think of my dear friend mom when the combo of bacon and dates come up. Every time they had a holiday party she would make them with water-chestnuts stuffed in the dates. Thought it was the strangest thing ever, till I tried a water-chestnutless one. Yeah. Tasty. And her tangerine speedo. It was a drink people!! I'll update more after camping!! Have a great weekend!