Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yo Ho Yo Ho

A campers life for me! That's how it goes, right??? Yes. Just agree and say yes, it makes it easier on everyone. 

Ok!! So we went camping. I'm going to pull out the magical 80/20 saying here. We managed to eat mainly paleo/whole30 approved items the whole time! Swear. Best intentions. Till IT showed up. I'll get back to IT later.. 

Friday I started prepping. Shopping, then prepping. Four hours later, prepping for 7 people that have a BBQ grill the size of a quarter, prepping. I made the infamous Paleo Pad Thai that is on the cool blog "The Clothes That Make The Girl" (links will be at the bottom since my phone can't seem to handle the hyperlink task, and if anyone can help me out with that? You'd rock). I had just finished off a Costco sized coconut oil, and showed the Pad Thai goodness in there, with my hands. Did I lick my hands of sunshine sauce? Duh. You will too. Then wash your hands. I pre-cut red bell peppers and should have done the same with the onion. Thank goodness I remembered a knife to bring camping, although, I forgot any other kitchen utensils. You'll see, I got creative. I made paleo cookies too. I kind of combined a couple recipes I found, and didn't write anything down, lesson learned. Cracked eggs and put them in a ziplock container, hard boiled eggs (which I totally forgot I brought) roasted beets, and okinawan sweet potatoes, packed bacon, washed lettuce, made guacamole, and made crackers. Whew. I need a nap. 

First off, this was for one night. I can't imagine what happens next time we go for longer. 

We get to the campsite, set up camp, and hang out. Crack open the pad thai: 
Swear, it's in there. 

Oh!! I made dates wrapped in bacon too!! 
Tasty little buggers!! 

Then IT happens. It rains.. And rains.. And rains. Thankfully we had this massive tent over our "living room": 
Then we hear IT as the rain stops.. Is it my imagination?? Is that.... An ICE CREAM TRUCK?!? 
By George, it was! And not only a magical ice cream truck, it has soft serve with SPRINKLES. Crap. So yeah. I had an ice cream. I didn't die. I even tested my limits and had an adult lemonade. Holy crap. I'm still around to talk about it! Granted, I got uber bloated and looked like I was about to birth a food baby. Thankfully that didn't happen either. 

Dinner! I made turkey tacos! 
Onions and bell peppers! 
See?! No utensils equals the handy knife I brought to do every job. 
Yum yum!! These were tasty!! We used the leftover turkey and scrambled it in eggs for breakfast. We had bacon (that was a pain to cook/flip) and fruits also. Oh!! The crackers!! 
These were pretty good for being a cracker type item, tasted more like a pizza dough or something, but still tasty. 

Here are some shots of our campsite: 

We will be going back soon, we had a blast, had many laughs, and enjoyed the company of my BFF and her family. Cheers!! 

Pad Thai


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  1. While I still do not feel completely recuperated from ONE night of camping, I am so happy that we did this! Thanks for convincing me to do it....and thanks for ALL of your help. ALL of it!!! Amazing memories were made!